FDA Demands Antibacterial Soap Taken Off the Shelf

If you have antibacterial soap on your shelf, you may want to consider a hand-washing alternative. The Food and Drug Administration have banned products which contain 19 antibacterial ingredients, mainly triclosan and triclocarban, from store shelves. The ban demands stores to take action within a year.

The main culprit of the FDA’s action are hand sanitizers and wipes designed to be used without water. According to Theresa Michele, head of the FDA’s Division of Non-prescription Drug Products, these harmful ingredients are present in more than 2,100 products. That’s roughly 40% of the soaps on the market.

The FDA fears that the antibacterial ingredients used in these products could lead to bacterial resistance, which could harm human’s resistance to disease. This decision by the FDA is more preemptive than anything. Michele also reiterated that the most effective way to combat disease is to simply wash your hands with soap and water.