Former President George H.W. Bush Endorses Clinton

Former president and conservative figure-head George H.W. Bush has stated that he is planning on voting for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in November’s election. The news was confirmed when Robert F. Kennedy’s daughter Kathleen Hartington posted an image of her and the former president on Facebook with the caption, “The President told me he’s voting for Hillary!!”

While the news may bit a bit surprising considering George H.W. lost to Hillary’s husband in the 1992 election, it shouldn’t be too shocking. Republican nominee Donald Trump has constantly hurled insults at H.W’s son Jeb, calling him a “lightweight,” “a spoiled child,” and “not a smart man,” among various other derogatory comments. Jeb was a possible candidate for the Republican Party at certain points in this strange election season. Trump and his rhetoric, however, won the party and voters over.

So, what does George H.W. Bush’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton mean? It certainly illuminates a divide that exists between Republican elites and the man who is currently looking to run their party (and this country). Bush’s endorsement could also potentially sway some hardened Republicans, who aren’t too fond of Trump’s unconventional ways.