Netflix Announces Movie Theater Partnership

In a continuous effort to dominate entertainment, Netflix announced on October 6th that it will be debuting some of its original films in select movie theaters in Los Angeles and New York City. Prior to this announcement, the only place one could legally watch a Netflix original is with a subscription on their television or computer. Now, certain originals will be able to be seen on the big screen in certain movie theaters.

In total, 10 original films will be screened in select cinemas. On October 7th, The Siege of Jadotville will be available at certain theaters and to all subscribers. On October 13th, Mascots will get the same treatment. The other 8 films have yet to be announced.

The plan by Netflix isn’t just to generate revenue. Many believe they are attempting to garner Oscar buzz for some of their better original releases. According to Oscar guidelines, only films that are shown in a “commercial motion picture theater in Los Angeles County for at least seven consecutive days.” Thus, it’s pretty clear this is part of Netflix’s plan. It will be interesting to see if people turn up to theaters to watch movies they can likely see at home. Either way, the decision by Netflix is a smart one.