Predator Reboot Shaping Up

The Predator reboot is really starting to shape up. When 20th Century Fox announced that they would be reimagining the franchise which began with 1987’s sci-fi/horror classic Predator starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, fans were rightfully skeptical.  Many put Predator at the top of the list of Arnold’s impressive action filmography. After the success of the initial film, Predator 2 was released in 1990, Predators was released in 2010 and 2004 saw a crossover with the Aliens franchise with Aliens vs. Predators and 2007’s Predator: Requiem continued the peculiar crossover. It’s safe to say the films that followed Predator didn’t have the same impact. The reboot, however, could bring the franchise back to its original roots.

Director Shane Black (The Nice Guys, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) has signed on to co-write and direct the reboot and veteran actor Benicio del Toro has agreed to star in it. The working title for the 2018 release is The Predator. Although no plot details have emerged yet, with the talented Black behind the camera and the Academy Award-winning del Toro ticketed as the lead, this film is shaping up pretty well. Everyone knows the Predator is awesome. Now, with the right direction and a solid script, we could have a worthwhile reboot on our hands.