The Weeknd Choose Traditional Rollout For Upcoming Album

In a world where the way an artist decides to roll out an album is anyone’s guess, pop-star The Weeknd has decided on a more traditional route for his upcoming album, Starboy. Instead of mysteriously dropping an album out of nowhere (Beyoncé) or talking about an album for years only to release it without warning (Frank Ocean), The Weeknd gave us album art, a concrete release date (November 25th) and then one day later, the first single. The first single is titled ‘Starboy’ and it was released everywhere on September 22nd. He gave us a video for the catchy track five days later.

A week after releasing ‘Starboy,’ The Weeknd blessed us with the second single off his forthcoming album, ‘False Alarm.’ To be honest, the album rollout is refreshing. Music fans often have to deal with faux release dates, huge delays between releases and constant misinformation. The Weeknd gave us visuals, a concrete date and then an actual product. A week later, he did it again. It’s a great way to gain hype for your release while giving your fans a taste of the new music you’ve been working on. If the first two tracks are any indication, this could be The Weeknd’s best album to date. ‘Starboy’ has all the makings of a song the radio will literally run into the ground and ‘False Alarm’ has the pop star venturing off into a more punkish, electric arena. It’s difficult to tell what the overall album will sound like but we can’t wait to find out. Starboy is out on November 25th.